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Loving - Any Light - LP (Solid White Vinyl)

Loving - Any Light - LP (Solid White Vinyl)

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On their new album Any Light, Loving share a batch of songs born from moments of serendipitous inspiration: a spontaneously composed poem, a long-forgotten voice memo, an uncannily pertinent book unearthed in their studio space. In bringing those songs to life, British Columbia-based musicians Jesse Henderson and David Parry surrendered to a prolonged process of free-flowing experimentation, often dreaming up several entirely distinct iterations of a track before deciding on a final version. 

  Through all that unhurried exploration, Loving arrived at a body of work that invites a similar sense of charmed receptivity, even as it's songs examine such complex matters as depression, existential uncertainty, and the psychic consequences of living in an increasingly digitized world. Produced by the duo and mixed, mastered, and engineered by Parry, the 10-song project encompasses a far more elaborate sound than it's predecessor. For fans of Whitney, Big Thief, Good Morning.


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