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The Cure - Three Imaginary Boys (180 GRAM) - LP

The Cure - Three Imaginary Boys (180 GRAM) - LP

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180-gram vinyl remastered

Includes "10:15 Saturday Night" and "Three Imaginary Boys"

Originally a postpunk outfit with gothic leanings, The Cure evolved into one of the most visionary, creatively satisfying and influential groups to come of age in the 1980s. From dreamy pop to moody expressionism, their signature sound is adventurous, hypnotic, and rich with texture. Formed in 1976 by Robert Smith and schoolmates Michael Dempsey (bass) and Laurence Tolhurst (drums), The Cure's stunning debut album on U.K.-based Fiction Records launched an extraordinary career and enduring worldwide popularity.

Although this 1979 debut album by The Cure would scarcely dent the Top 50 in the U.K. and entirely forego an official American release (though a handful of tracks would appear on the U.S.-only compilation Boys Don't Cry), it remains equal parts touchstone and curiosity for Cure faithful. It's easy to see why mainstay Robert Smith has long had mixed feelings about it: The spare, angular performances and New Wave-y production cliches often seem more akin to Devo or the B-52's. Smith himself hadn't quite perfected the moody wail that would make him a pioneering goth icon, though there are hints of dark things to come on the title track and "10:15 Saturday Night."

Re-experience the groundbreaking band's masterpiece here, remastered to sound better than ever and now featuring complete lyrics and bonus photos!


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