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Vinyl Storage Solutions

Vinyl Storage Solutions - 12" Gatefold Outer Sleeves w/ Two Flaps - 4mil (10 pack)

Vinyl Storage Solutions - 12" Gatefold Outer Sleeves w/ Two Flaps - 4mil (10 pack)

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Vinyl Storage Solutions

Keep your 12" gatefolds safe from dust, scratches, moisture and more! A double-long sleeve, with tuckable flaps at both ends, allows you to open the gatefold and take out the records without removing it from the sleeve.

Fits: 12" double gatefold jackets up to .25" (6 mm) thick
(most older double gatefolds)*

Dimensions: 25.4" x 12.625" (646 mm x 320 mm)

Pockets: Open sleeve

Flaps: Dual, tuckable, 2.375" (60 mm)

Material: 4mil cast polypropylene


Please note all outer sleeves have a size tolerance of +/- 2mm 

These outer sleeves are made using crystal clear cast polypropylene (CPP) to protect your record jackets from scratches, dust, moisture and more. CPP offers a higher tear resistance than other films, is very hard to crease and won't turn cloudy over time. It is typically used in applications that require superior optical properties, such as gloss, transparency and surface smoothness. Outer sleeves have passed the photographic activity test to meet ISO18916; they won't cause your album covers to discolour over time.

All outer sleeves are made in Canada using pure film from North America.

USA: 11,183,218
Canada: 3,035,927
Reg'd: GB6207928
Other patents pending

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